• "Being with Lisa has helped me with my confidence before exams and made me more resilient."

    Connor E

  • "I felt safe and happy to speak with Lisa. It helped me to keep calm and I looked forward to meeting with her. I liked using Lisa’s pens!"

    Finn, pupil with SEND

  • "Before I started working with Lisa I was aggressive, disobedient and I’d jump to conclusions. Now I'm a more logical thinker and I listen to what other people say.  I pay a lot more attention in lessons now."

    Cameron Jackson

  • "Working with Lisa has made me more resilient, I feel like I know more about what I can achieve and what to if something feels difficult."

    Olivia Peccoo

  • "The programme has helped me both inside and outside of school, it’s improved my confidence and life skills.”


  • "It’s been really helpful to get to know myself better. As a result I am working on making myself healthier,  I’ve really improved how I study and I now ask for help more in lessons."


  • "From this programme I have learned a lot of skills, such as listening skills and giving 100% to things. I’ve improved in science, I feel more confident and I work harder now. I like setting goals."

    Yusuf Hussain

  • "I didn’t used to like maths and now I do because Lisa showed me ways I could change my mindset."


  • "Lisa is wise and helpful, she really gets the message across and it stays."


  • "In my coaching sessions Lisa helped me to cut out bad habits, especially giving up caffeine. I felt so much healthier and I’d recommend this to anyone."

    Julia Wozniak, age 15

  • "Our son worked with Lisa for 6 months he saw her every 2 weeks with telephone support when he needed it. Lisa had such a wonderful calmness, she put him immediately at ease and he put his trust in her. Lisa gave him the tools to deal with his successes and his failures and how to process his feelings and emotions. He became much more relaxed, a calmer young man, sometimes we could actually see him considering how to react to a stressful situation. He achieved fantastic results in his A levels which I am sure was down to his ability to manage all aspects of his life, skills that he now uses at University and I am sure will continue to use going forward in life."