• "I passionately believe in the young people I work with." Lisa Read

Happy Teens Means Happy Parents

By Lisa 17th June 2019

I really enjoy working with teenagers, they are funny, honest and much more insightful than people give them credit for. One of the wonderful side benefits to my role is also knowing that helping teenagers work themselves out often results in happier parents too. Below is an email from Kay, parent of a 17 year old I’ve recently worked with. I think her experience says way more than anything I can say myself!

“The teenage years aren’t easy! Getting the right balance between school work, revision, girlfriends, friends, endless sports as well as all the pressures of social media can be tough. Heading into his A levels we found that our son was struggling to try and keep all the plates spinning. Of course we were full of advice and guidance but from your parents it can start very quickly to seem like nagging. Our first thoughts were to source extra tuition with his A level subjects, I think most parents naturally steer towards sorting the academic side of things first but we decided that wouldn‘t help with getting the right balance across his life. We had a little knowledge of life coaching and thought this may be something that could work for our son. After some research we were introduced to Lisa Read. Lisa’s experience in learning and education was very reassuring to us, enabling her to fully understand the pressures faced by a young adult at this time in their life.

Our son worked with Lisa for 6 months he saw her every 2 weeks with telephone support when he needed it. Lisa had such a wonderful calmness, she put him immediately at ease and he put his trust in her. Lisa gave him the tools to deal with his successes and his failures and how to process his feelings and emotions. He became much more relaxed, a calmer young man, sometimes we could actually see him considering how to react to a stressful situation. He achieved fantastic results in his A levels which I am sure was down to his ability to manage all aspects of his life, skills that he now uses at University and I am sure will continue to use going forward in life.” Kay