Coaching and mentoring

Before I started working with Lisa I was aggressive, disobedient and I’d jump to conclusions. Now I'm a more logical thinker and I listen to what other people say. I pay a lot more attention in lessons now.
Cameron Jackson, Year 10, Nottingham Academy

Coaching sessions are highly engaging conversations with a purpose; to help the client to work out what they want and then work out how they’ll achieve it. At Lisa Read Coaching we like to make sure coaching is an enjoyable, effective way to succeed. Established in 2006, our award-winning coaching services focus on serving education, young people and their parents/carers.

Mentoring is used within coaching sessions with young people where needed to support positive outcomes.

The problems we help to solve

I didn’t used to like maths and now I do because Lisa showed me ways I could change my mindset.
Jay, aged 15.

  • anxiety and stress
  • anger and frustration
  • low confidence
  • coping with change
  • improving focus and motivation
  • conflict with parents and relationship stress

Outcomes we hope to provide

  • increased resilience and confidence
  • to feel more in control/free
  • the ability to handle change and negatives
  • improved study skills and career clarity
  • relationship harmony and empathy